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Long Island City, New York 11103


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At Your Service

GDS has been providing project management, planning, design, fabrication, and installation services for every type of built environment since 1996. Our clients range from large public hospitals in urban environments to boutique retail shops in rural communities throughout the nation. We work with contractors, architects, interior designers, business owners, and anyone needing assistance with their signage or environmental design project. Whether it is new construction or a small renovation, we are equipped with the knowledge and skillset to outfit any space with beautiful, code compliant signage.

GDS offers complete and comprehensive graphic design services. Our creative team will work directly with you to come up with visual concepts for all your signage, providing detailed drawings for your approval. We have over 22 years of experience working with clients to bring their vision to life. We design your signage to not only be aesthetically pleasing and creative but to be fully functional and cost-effective.


Let GDS perform a comprehensive wayfinding analysis, and recommend solutions that will improve the overall experience of your visitors, guests, and staff. Embracing new technologies, GDS will develop a wayfinding approach that will incorporate not only static signage but digital applications utilizing smartphones and the Web as well. A total "Closed-Loop" system.


One of the key ingredients to our success is that we develop a partnership with our clients. Our Project Managers are responsible for seeing your signage program through from conception to completion - including consultation, graphic design, code compliance review, project cost estimating, fabrication updates, installation planning, and on-going customer service.